Cancel & Refund

Cancel & Refund Cancel & Refund Policy

Reservations are made through the Soowifi booking site. Cancellation may also be made through the Soowifi web site (contact form) and will take effect at the date and time the cancellation is successfully recorded in the Soowifi reservation system. A cancellation confirmation will be sent to the customer. Should a cancellation notification not be received by the client, then the client must contact Soowifi to rectify the issue. If a cancellation confirmation is not received by the client, the contract is still active.

The customer may cancel the reservation without charge provided this is  done within 7 days after reservation (reservation day not included), as mentioned on the Soowifi Prepayment Confirmation and in any case before the due rental start date and time. Reservation date does not overwrite cancellation terms.

No refunds shall be given if the customer fails to collect the device on the rental start date and has failed to notify Soowifi in advance of this date according to described in this section.

If the amendments to the reservation are not done according to this section, no refunds shall be given for rentals ended early or late collections, if the customer fails to collect the device on the rental start date or cancellations made after the due rental start date.

If orders paid by credit card are cancelled, your payment will be refunded to your credit card within 10 days. The time it takes for your money to arrive in your account may vary according to your bank’s policies.