Frequently Asked Questions

What is the soo wifi?

SooWifi is a mobile internet modem that is about the size of an average smartphone. It provides internet access without the need for cables and works just like a modem in your home. You can connect up to 10 devices to it and enjoy unlimited internet. You can take the device with you and use it in your hotel room, outdoor areas, in a car or on a bus, without losing internet connection. It operates with a sim card that is provided exclusively for you. It is useful for social media applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, web browsing, other internet needs and video calls. You can access the internet in all cities in Turkey.

Why is it better than buying a sim card?

SooWifi devices provide unlimited internet at a lower cost than buying a sim card. You can share your internet with up to 10 people. Plus, you can continue to use WhatsApp and similar applications without changing your phone number. Most importantly, there is no limit on your data plan. (Except for P2P programs, torrent, etc.) While most data plans and sim cards offer single-user usage, you can share the internet provided by SooWifi with your entire family.

Are there any extra hidden costs?

You will not pay any extra fees, except for the loss of the device and its non-return. SooWifi charges are fixed. You can start using it by making a prepayment.

How many people can use the internet privided by device?

It is possible to share the internet with up to 10 devices. Each device can connect to the internet using the same modem name and password. However, the legal responsibility for any issues related to internet usage will belong to the reservation holder.

What is internet speed and coverage zone?

Our devices use 4G internet infrastructure and can reach speeds of up to 24mbit/s. Regionally, there may be decreases in speed. It has 95% coverage in city centers.

How many hours can i use the device a fully charged battery?

The duration of uninterrupted internet usage with a fully charged SooWifi device may vary depending on the number of users connected, but on average, it can provide internet for about 7 hours. However, this time may vary depending on usage intensity, signal strength, and other factors. You can keep staying online by charging the device with a power bank.

If you are unable to connect to the internet

For any questions about your device, you can contact our customer service at whatsapp support.

Can i use Soo Wifi all ower Turkey

Yes. you're can use soo wifi all over Turkey city

What kind of devices can I use it with?

You can use SooWifi modem with mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, game consoles, and all wifi-enabled devices.

Can I use Video Call and instant messaging applications?

With the SooWifi modem, you can use video calling and instant messaging applications such as facetime, google meet, zoom, whatsapp, viber, wechat.

How far should I be from the modem?

In order to use the SooWifi modem in the most efficient way, you should be at a maximum distance of 15 meters from the device. Conditions such as glass, mirrors, building cladding materials, wall thickness may limit coverage.

How i can book?

You can make a reservation from the booking section on the homepage.

How many days can i book at least?

You can book for at least 5 days.

How Can i cancel my reservation

If something went wrong and you need to cancel your order, just write us on our whatsapp support line. You can cancel your order at no extra cost. Only last minute cancellations can cause problems.

How i will get the device?

We will deliver your device to one of the options you specified when making your reservation. We can deliver it to the airport, your hotel, or any desired apartment address. When you speak with SooWifi personnel, simply provide them with your reservation number and activation code that was sent to your email. After signing the delivery form, we will hand over the device to you. To ensure that you do not encounter any problems, we will contact you again before your trip.

How will i return the device?

If you have chosen the airport as the drop off point for the device, you can return the device by meeting with our staff at the airport on the day of the flight.If you want to deliver your device at the hotel, you can leave it at the reception. Before returning the device, you must inform us via WhatsApp and inform us the name of the person you left the device with.

Is same day delivery possible?

To find out if same-day delivery is possible, please contact our customer representative on WhatsApp. Depending on the workload, we will inform you whether we can deliver on the same day or not.

When does the rental duration start

Your usage period starts at 00:00 on the date you specified during the reservation stage and ends at 23:59 on the return date you specified in the reservation.

Can i extend the usage?

Of course.You can extend your usage period. To extend your time, please write to us on whatsapp or live chat.

My flight arrives at night, is this a problem for delivery?

We will be ready at your airport or hotel to deliver your devices 24/7.

I have a domestic connecting flight after my international flight. Can I pick up the device at Istanbul airports?

Yes, it is possible, but you should pay attention to the following; we can only make deliveries at the arrival passenger waiting area at Istanbul airports, so make sure you have enough time to get to the arrival passenger waiting area before your domestic transfer flight. Please discuss the details with our WhatsApp customer support before placing your order.

Which payment methodd do we accept?

You can choose credit card option while making your reservation via our website or applications. Another option is cash on delivery. If you choose the pay-on-delivery option, you must pay in cash. and you can pay with all currencies. If you pay by credit card, payment is made in euro currency.

Why is the delivery fee charged

The delivery fee is the transportation fee charged to you in order to bring your devices to your region. Delivery fee may vary depending on delivery regions.

What hours can I contact you?

Our Whatsapp Customer support is available 24/7. We will try to respond to your message as soon as possible. We don't have voice call support.

Can I pay by credit card on delivery?

Yeah. You can pay physically with your credit card on delivery. Please inform whatsapp customer service that you will pay by credit card on delivery.