How it Works

Create your order, the device will come to you.

Choose the dates you want to use SooWifi, then select where you want us to deliver your SooWifi.

Choose your payment method

You can make your payment online on our website or in cash upon delivery, whichever you prefer.

We’re waiting
for you

If you would like to receive the device at the airport, our 24/7 staff will deliver the device to you at the airport. If you prefer to receive the device at your hotel or Airbnb, please provide the hotel name or address when placing your order. We will send you delivery and return instructions via WhatsApp.

Enjoy fast and affordable mobile internet everywhere

Stay connected with SooWifi and continue to enjoy unlimited internet without changing your SIM card or phone number.

Return it easily

You can also return the device to our staff at the airport. If you prefer to return it at the hotel, you can leave it at the reception. We will contact you via WhatsApp before the day of return.